Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD
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About the MLCD

Ahupua'a Map showing Pupukea Ahupua'a
Boundary of the Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD

The Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD

The state-designated Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD is important as a center for marine recreation, conservation, and fishery replenishment. The MLCD is one of a small number of areas in Hawai‘i where coral reef resources are almost fully protected. Local community members and fishers care about conserving our marine resources, are knowledgeable about our coral reef resources, and can use the resource wisely by practicing traditional resource management ethics.

MLCDs in Hawaii

There are 11 Marine Life Conservation Districts in Hawaii, with three on Oahu—Pūpūkea, Hanauma Bay, and Waikiki. According to the State Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) Web site, MLCDs are “designed to conserve and replenish marine resources. … They provide fish and other aquatic life with a protected area in which to grow and reproduce.” Less than 1% of coastline in Hawaii is designated as a MLCD, and less than 0.3% of Hawaii coastline is designated as a no-take area. The Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD is NOT a no-take MLCD, though it does include no-take zones.