Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD
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Partnering with Hanauma Bay Volunteers

Aug 31, 2010

Tuesday the 31st we had the pleasure of meeting with many of the Hanauma Bay Volunteers. Morgan Mamizuka (Volunteer Program Coordinator for the Hanauma Bay Education Program) brought her volunteers up to the North Shore to learn what our MLCD is all about. It was a wonderful exchange of information and "talk story" about both our special conservation districts.

After Drew, Bob, Bill and myself explained what we do and how important Pupukea-Waimea is to each of us and the community, then a bit of Q&A, Drew took them all out for an eco-snorkel. To really understand Pupukea-Waimea's MLCD one must experience it from the water's point of view. And needless to say, they LOVED IT! So Mahalo to our new Hanauma Bay friends and we hope to see you all again "under the tent".