Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea MLCD
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Visit us at Sharks Cove each Saturday from 10am - 2pm!

Our Mission

Working to replenish and sustain the natural and cultural resources of the Pupukea and Waimea Ahupua'a for present and future generations through active community stewardship, education, and partnerships.

Weekend Newsletter

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In this issue:

Marine Science Talk Story 3

Waimea Valley Earth Day Estuary Clean-Up

Smoke-Free Laws in Effect

The City & County of Honolulu and Hawaii County passed new smoke-free lawswhich prohibits smoking at all Honolulu C&C beaches.

Upcoming Events

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We invite you to come hang out with us at our Community Outreach Tent each Saturday at Sharks Cove from 10:00am - 2:00pm.

Sat Apr 26, 2014
Marine Science Talk Story
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Save the Date!

Erosion At Sharks Cove

Summer Volunteers Needed

We are gearing up for a fun and busy Summer here and if you love the ocean and enjoy spending time exploring the tide pools and snorkeling in the Cove, come volunteer with us!