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In the News

Oct 31, 2012
"Banzai North Shore Wireless" - Bonzai Betty pays kudos to Mālama Pūpūkea-Waimea organization and thanks surefer Sophis Bartlow for volunterring to help!

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"Pūpūkea tide pool contains feeble shrimp full of charm"

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The little charmers are called feeble shrimp after their species name "debilis," meaning "weak" (full scientific name: Palaemon debilis). Their Hawaiian name is opae huna.

North Shore News highlights Jerom, Sal & Amy (not pictured) - our summer interns
Oct 5, 2011

"Fun In The Sun and Marine Education Too" -

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Our own Drew Wheeler recently spent 2 months at sea with a 6 man crew on the Alguita - a 50 foot research vessel. His goal was to video a documentary of the amount of plastic trash which is accumulating in our oceans.

This is an interview CNN conducted with Drew on Jun 3, 2009.
Here is a little preview of what is yet to come from the video Drew shot during his 2 month voyage.

These tourists watching the huge surf at Kalua O Maua beach were caught unaware by the fast-moving surf. Some got wet, but all made it to higher ground safely.

January 29, 1998

"Run for the hills!" -

Photography by Kathryn Bender, Star-Bulletin