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Shark's Cove - Apr 22, 2015

Aloha and Happy Earth Day!

World Earth Day is celebrated every year as an annual event by people all across the world in order to increase awareness about the fragile nature of our environment.

Here at MPW, every day is Earth Day and we would love for you to get involved with us to help make our little corner of the planet a better place.

There are many ways you can contribute:

- Volunteer with us! Our Community Outreach Tent is set up each Saturday at Sharks Cove. Volunteers help us educate about the Marine Life Conservation District, conduct in-water fish and other marine species counts, conduct human-use surveys, participate in beach clean-ups, and much more.

- Help us with our current Planting Project! Last month, we removed hundreds of invasive weeds and shrubs and replaced them with native Hawaiian coastal plants to help ease the erosion problem above the Cove. Volunteers help us by weeding, watering, and continuing to plant more native plants. Our next planting day is scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th at 9:00am at Sharks Cove.

- Become a Makai Watch Volunteer! Our Makai Watch Volunteers help protect the MLCD by becoming the eyes and ears of DOCARE and participate in observation and incident reporting and awareness raising and outreach. Our official Makai Watch training and certification is coming up on Saturday, May 2nd from 9am-1pm at the Sunset Beach Recreation Center.

These are just a few ways you can help. For more information about upcoming events or to become a volunteer, please contact Jenny, Director of Educational Programs at kaipuna@aol.com