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Your Chance to Help and Win!

Poaching Is Not Cool

Mahalo to VOLCOM!

Art for Awareness with Kimi Werner

Shark's Cove - Jun 14, 2014

MPW would like to thank the following people who helped make our volunteer outreach at Shark's Cove another success. Mahalo to:
Keelan Bbarcina, Austin Ladia, Alexandra Athans, Brett Barnard, Colette Coty, Jimmy Avila, Jim Parsons, Laura Parsons, Bill Quinlan, Bob Leinau, Jenny Yagodich and Jarom Au
Your Chance to Help and Win!
Did you miss the opportunity to get tickets to one of Jack Johnson's SOLD OUT shows in Honolulu in August? MPW will be giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky participant at our Summer Beach Clean-Up happening on Saturday, July 5th at 9:00am at Shark's Cove!

Come help us clean up the Marine Life Conservation District after the 4th of July holiday. Unfortunately, lots of trash is left behind and becomes a threat for our fragile marine ecosystem. This is a great way to help keep our ocean healthy! MPW has partnered with Jack's All At Once campaign which is designed to empower fans to take action toward a healthier community and planet.

When: We will meet at the MPW outreach tent at 9:00am for registration and orientation. All trash will be weighed by 11:30 and the lucky winner will be announced at noon! You must be present to win!

What: We will pick up trash along the beaches and shoreline of Waimea, Three Tables, and Shark's Cove.

How: Once registered at the tent, bring your trash back to us to be weighed and everyone who brings back a pound or more is entered to win a pair of tickets to one of Jack Johnson's SOLD OUT shows at the Waikiki Shell in August!

What to bring: Gloves, sun protection, water. We will provide bags.

Who: YOU! This event is open to everyone and is for all ages. Make it a family day!

MPW is proud to be a community partner with Jack Johnson's All At Once campaign. For more information, visit www.allatonce.org

Poaching Is Not Cool
Shark's Cove and Three Tables are no take zones and are not open to fishing of any kind...yet we are always removing dangerous hooks and lines from these protected areas.

If you see anyone fishing in these areas be sure to call DOCARE at (808) 587-0077 to report what you see.

The MLCD starts at Kulalua Point, the furthest point out on the rocks between Ke Iki and Shark's Cove, and continues to the Wananapaoa Islets on the Hale'iwa side of Waimea Bay.

Please keep in mind that it is legal to fish with poles only from the shoreline inside Waimea, however, there is no fishing of any other kind whatsoever allowed in the rest of the Conservation District. This means no three-prong spears, no spear guns, no nets, no collecting in buckets, no harvesting 'opihi or crabs or urchins and no harming any marine life in any way.

Please check out our website at www.pupukeawaimea.org for the official rules and regulations but here's a quick guide:



Waimea Bay - NO FISHING or COLLECTING accept for fish only with poles from the shoreline and with approved nets for specific fish in August and September and November and December.

The only other exception is the gathering of limu (seaweed) of two specific varieties and only two pounds each day, leaving the roots.

Marine Life Conservation Districts are designed to provide fish and other marine life with a protected area in which to grow and reproduce. Let's do our part to help ensure this happens. If you'd like to join our team of volunteers who help with our Makai Watch program, please stop by our outreach tent at Shark's Cove on Saturdays from 8am-4pm.

Mahalo to VOLCOM!
MPW would like to send a big mahalo to VOLCOM for supporting us by donating rash guards to our Summer Ka Papa Kai Marine Science for Youth program. Our students will be easily identifiable in the water and protected from the sun. Mahalo!

Art for Awareness with Kimi Werner
The students of Ka Papa Kai received a special treat when Kimi Werner, renowned artist and skin diver, visited their class and helped them create beautiful paintings on canvas highlighting some of their favorite sea creatures.

Kimi has been a strong supporter of MPW and the Marine Life Conservation District. Her "Tread Lightly" art collaboration with VANS helped raise awareness and funds for our organization.

"Aunty Kimi is really amazing and she's really good at art. She made us feel proud that we love the ocean and she told us to remember to only ever take what we need". - La'a Age 10

Mahalo to Kimi for helping the kids create "Art for Awareness" and for encouraging them to continue to help protect the sea.

For more information about Kimi and her art, visit her webpage at www.kimiwernerart.com